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NibbleBit Staff Blog

Last Updated: 19th December 2018 @ 06:46 pm
New Feature: Quick Image Poster
You can now quickly create image posts using our NEW Quick Image Poster.

It couldn't be simpler - hit "Upload Image(s)" and choose the images to upload. Enter an (optional) post title and some tags for the image post, and then click "POST". 

The post will now be published to your blog - it's that simple!
P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter

We love adding NEW features to NibbleBit, and our latest addition is our LIKES page.

NibbleBit Likes!

If you want to see what other NibbleBit users have 'liked', you can visit their likes page. To do this simply add their NibbleBit username to the following url structure.{NibbleBit Username}

For example, if you wanted to view the likes of joebloggs you would visit

We love reading your feedback on our new features, so if you have anything to say - let us know!
P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter

NibbleBit bloggers now have access to 17 NEW fully customizable mobile-friendly themes.

You can easily customize header images, background images, add apps to your app bar (such as text, code, images, feeds, blogrolls, latest posts, latest comments, followers, search forms, etc), and now you can choose a color scheme and edit the colors to really make your NibbleBit blog your own!

Theme Showcase

Remember - each of our 17 NEW themes have 4 different base color schemes to choose from. You can then customize further by changing the colors of everything, position of the app bar, header image and background. This means that you can give your NibbleBit blog a completely unique look.

P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter
UPDATE: Likes and Reblogs

As some of you maybe aware, over the past two weeks we have added a number of NEW features available for you to use on NibbleBit. We received alot of interest in upgrading our service to allow "Liking" and "Reblogging" from other NibbleBit blogs - Well now you can.


On every NibbleBit blog, you should now see a little heart icon on every post.

You can "Like" a post by clicking this icon.

The "interactions" box (where you make a comment) will show that you "liked this post".


Ever see a post, or an image on another NibbleBit blog and want to share it with your own visitors? Well now you can!

Using the "Reblog" icon on the post you want to share will show the "Reblog Post" box. Here you can add a comment to the post and even add your own tags - then simply click "REBLOG".

The post will then be visible on YOUR blog.

This is only the start. We have tons of new updates planned for the coming months.

P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter
UPDATE: Content Warning Screen
Alot of our users have expressed interest in using content warning screens to alert their visitors about the content of their blog.

This is now possible using our content warning screen option.

On the "Blog" settings section of your blogs NibbleBit control panel, you should see the content warning option. This is unchecked by default meaning your blog will not show a content warning prelude. Checking this option will show a text input box, which allows you to personally craft your content warning message. If you leave the box blank, our premade default content warning text will show.

If you choose to show a content prelude screen, our default warning looks like this:

If you have any further questions on our content warning screen or anything else in general, please let us know - via our contact page, our email address (, our twitter handle @NibbleBitTweets, or using our dedicated helpdesk from within your NibbleBit control panel.
P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter
UPGRADE: Front End Blogs
As you may be aware, on November 29th 2014, we launched our NibbleBit 2.0 control panel. Today we have completed this software upgrade by launching our NEW "Front End" blog software.

Our aim with this update was to be as seamless as possible, therefore it should not affect our users - visitors or bloggers.


We have redesigned our blog commenting system for the visitors of the blogs hosted with us. We have also completely changed the way we handle human challenges for spam. Our new comment system deals allows you to make a comment, answer the human challenge and actually see your comment publish without ever leaving the page. This is more efficient for us and for the users making comments.

Post Ratings

Post ratings are now turned ON by default, although as with many of our features you can turn this off from the control panel.


Our polls frontend system has been overhauled and redesigned. This should look better, and work much better.

Content Warning Prelude Screens

We will have an expanded article later addressing the content warning screen options.

If you have any further questions please let us know - via our contact page, our email address (, our twitter handle @NibbleBitTweets, or using our dedicated helpdesk from within your NibbleBit control panel.
P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter