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NibbleBit Staff Blog

Last Updated: 19th December 2018 @ 06:46 pm

NibbleBit bloggers now have access to 17 NEW fully customizable mobile-friendly themes.

You can easily customize header images, background images, add apps to your app bar (such as text, code, images, feeds, blogrolls, latest posts, latest comments, followers, search forms, etc), and now you can choose a color scheme and edit the colors to really make your NibbleBit blog your own!

Theme Showcase

Remember - each of our 17 NEW themes have 4 different base color schemes to choose from. You can then customize further by changing the colors of everything, position of the app bar, header image and background. This means that you can give your NibbleBit blog a completely unique look.

P.S - Remember to follow @NibbleBitTweets on Twitter